About the Author
Randy Hodgson
Lethbridge, Alberta

Randy started fishing when he was only 6 years old. Fishing the South Saskatchewan river as a kid, he cut his teeth on Walleye, Goldeye and Sauger. Although back then he thought a Sauger was just a weird colored "pickerel". Randy spent many hours at a time on the river in Medicine Hat, Alberta fishing and swimming. He has a true love of the outdoors, and spends as much time as he can fishing & hunting. When he is not out fishing you can be sure that he is thinking about it. Randy has been fishing Walleye tournaments for about 9 years now and enjoys the challenges of tournament fishing. He is the vice president of the Southern Alberta Walleye Trail and has been involved since its inception in 1997. Randy is always eager to talk about walleye fishing and if you ever meet him you will quickly realize his passion for the outdoors. He spends many days on the water each year and enjoys meeting and talking to people on both the Sask & Alberta Trails. Here at Go Walleye, we look forward to more of Randy's "tips & tactics" on walleye fishing.